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Shopify.in – Create your online shop

Create your own online shops for your products and market it without any difficulty with Shopify e-commerce portal. It is the online platform for all kinds of merchants. The shopify will provide technical support and tool to give and accept payments. It has more than 50000 online stores in over 100 countries with an annual sale of 1.5 billion dollars.

Shopify.in offers two palns of starter, basic, professional and unlimited packages. Shopify gives a customer experience introductory offers of a 14-day free trial.

The personal plan offers Rs. 750 per month, for which users can sell a maximum of 25 products, will get 1 GB file storage and are charged 2 percent transaction fee. Basic plan starts at Rs. 1550 per month, through which the users can sell maximum of 100 products.

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In the professional package of Rs. 3150, users can sell upto 2500 products, will get 5 GB storage and are charged 1 percent transaction fee. The Professional package of Rs. 9560 allows users to sell unlimited products and it comes with unlimited storage and zero transaction fees.

Shopify.in has many features of keep track of orders and manage customer data online hosting, templates, a web dashboard to manage products and orders, a secure shopping cart, SEO tools, customer service support, mobile optimized stores, and an iOS app which offers merchants the convenience of managing their business, run referral programs, email marketing campaigns and free advertising credits on Facebook and Google.

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