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Orb Caster the Media Streaming Server for Windows and Mac, free download

OrbCaster is a media streaming server that runs on both Mac and Windows. Access
your media, photos and video files stored in your home computer from any were
of the world through an internet connected computer browser.

is very simple to use, login to mycast.orb.com, enter your Orb
username/password and all the media on your home computer can now be viewed
through the Mycast portal. Orb’s Remote Access is the perfect way to have all
your music, photos and video at your fingertips around the Globe. All you need
is a free download of Orb Caster.

facility can enjoy with your iphone or Android phone through the installation
of the Orb Live App. It would be available in Google play store and apple
itunes and can enjoy the same media that’s on your computer with your
Caster’s provides the streaming server with Orb Music,
Orb TV or Orb Blu Ray, you can now wirelessly stream
your digital music, videos and pictures around the home.Direct Download Orb Caster

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