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Free Download Chikka Messenger Latest Version for Android, iOS, Windows

Chikka Text Messenger lets you send free text messages to mobiles in the Philippines from anywhere  in the world. Your friends can also reply to your Chikka messages spontaneously. It is from your mobile phones or downloadable messenger clients. .

Features Chikka Text Messenger 

  1. Text for Free: Send up to 100 free text messages to Philippine mobile phones.
  2. Everywhere: Chikka Text from the Web, Mobile, Windows Desktop, Chrome Extension, iPhone, Android, Facebook.
  3. Cheaper Replies from Mobile phones: Avail of Chikka Reply plans and Chikka text from your mobile phone for as low as  PHP 0.50 per text.
  4. No mobile number required: Create an account just the same and send free text to Philippine mobile phones.
  5. Never miss a message: Even after you have signed out, get your messages on your mobile phone or email.
  6. Chikka with Online buddies: Exchange Instant Messages with online buddies.
  7. Email via text, Text via Email: Send email messages from your mobile phone using text. Send text messages from your email account.
  8. Instant Contacts: From your iPhone or Android, send free text to anyone in your address book, or text Facebook friends.
  9. Messenger Themes: Choose themes for Chikka your Desktop, iPhone and Android.
  10. Share via Chikka: On your iPhone or Android phone, tweet or post on Facebook and invite friends to Chikka text with you.

Download Chikka Messenger for iOS | ​Android | ​Windows | ​Extension for Chrome |


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