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Mvaayoo – Bulk SMS Service for SMS Marketing

Mvaayoo is a Bulk SMS service that has bulk SMS Gateway, bulk
text messages and bulk text messaging services. It enables enterprises to
communicate with target audience for SMS marketing.
Ø   Broadcast you voice message instantly.
Ø   Add human touch to your Mobile marketing Campaign.
Ø Get instant response using interactive feature (User pressing key
for response).
Ø   Pay only for successfully connected calls.
Ø   Call forwarding option
Ø   Real-time reporting to measure the response of the campaign.
Ø   Schedule your Voice campaigns at predefined date & time
Ø   Higher emotional connect with your customer.
Ø   Reach out to large Indian target audience in regional language.
Ø   Voice messaging is handset independent, hence universal reach. (Source)


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