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google quick office

Google Quickoffice for Android, iPhone and iPad

Google’s Quick office has finally available for Android, iPhone and iPad for free. The Quickoffice will be available ...

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    Electroinic  Signature

    Electroinic Signature in Your Documents on Android with DocuSign

    The internet governed world widely using digitally signed documents for easy, time saving  and  safe ...

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      myMail – The Best Email App for Android and iOS

      The emergence of multiple email platforms brings difficulties to its clients. So a good email ...

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        Microsoft Remote Desktop 1

        Microsoft Remote Desktop App for Android and iOS – free download

        Access your remote desktop PC from anywhere of your workplace or home, through your android ...

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          sketch Guru 1

          Android App to Create Pencil Sketches of Your Photos

          Create pencil sketches of your photos in your android devices with Sketch Guru android app. ...

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            Bus ticket booking mobile app –

            Booking bus tickets from your mobile phones with reputed travel companies through android, iOS and ...

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              Jongla messaging service 1

              Free Global Mobile Messaging App for Android, iPhone and Windows phone

              Jongla is a global mobile messaging app with  fast, fun & free. Send messages, pictures and videos, start a ...

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                Vikido a social sharing platform for kids

                Vikido is a social sharing platform for kids. It is designed for the web and mobile ...

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                  Eyewatch – the emergency personal safety Mobile application

                  Anything will happen to anybody at any time, it is a common say. But today ...

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                    Free Video Converter – Download an effective tool to covert videos

                    Working with videos is not difficult in these days, many free and paid software’s available ...

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